Established in 2006, Imagine LA began as an initiative of Bel Air Presbyterian Church. We launched our pilot Family Mentorship Program with one family and one mentor team in 2008.

Since then, we have worked with nearly 100 families; forming dozens of teams with faith communities, companies, and other organizations, all working under the guidance of our professional staff.

We also collaborate with more than 100 community-based partners — government, nonprofit, and private organizations that provide valu­able services and resources to our families and their mentors.

The Imagine LA Family Mentorship Program matches teams of volunteers with vulnerable families. We train and guide each Family Mentor Team to work with a family emerging from homelessness to maintain their new housing, to attain self-sufficiency and to ensure that every family member thrives. Imagine LA matches every family member with a one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career development, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Week-by-week family members build relationships, skills and habits. Month-by-month we see confidence build, income, grades, and wellness rise. Ultimately, the family’s journey goes from barely surviving to thriving.  

Since we started: 

  • Every graduated family remains in housing.

  •  All youth participants are on track to finish high school and attend college or trade tech (our first family’s eldest son just graduated from Sacramento State University).

  • Families now manage budgets, pursue career tracks, save and are increasing their income (the average family earned income increases by 162%).

  • Participants build lasting relationships, improve wellness, and learn life skills.

  •  Imagine LA generates nearly $35,000 per family of in-kind volunteer, private goods and services.

  • 90% of volunteers remark that this is by far their most satisfying volunteering experience

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