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Imagine Tomorrow

2015 Alumni Homecoming BBQ

2015 Alumni Homecoming BBQ

The mission of the Imagine Tomorrow Alumni Association is to compassionately provide continued support, education and comfort to Imagine LA families and mentor graduates to maintain partnerships, stay connected and have fun.

Imagine Tomorrow creates a space for both mentors and family members who have participated in the Imagine LA Family Empowerment and Mentorship Program to come together, enjoy fun events, and support each other. The association provides support for those still in the program and  helps raise much-needed awareness for Imagine LA.  In addition, Current Imagine LA Families and Mentors will receive guidance of their alumni peers.

The Imagine Tomorrow Alumni Association does the following:

  • Hosts Annual Alumni Homecoming BBQ
  • Plans Activities and events
  • Mentors mentors/families new to the program
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Provides Educational activities (cooking classes, yoga, book club, etc.)
  • Recruits additional alumni
  • Hosts Annual Big Commencement Celebration on January 28th, 2017

For more information contact Tara Ignont at