The Mayor's Welcome Home Project provides basic necessities for our formerly unsheltered neighbors by providing basic household needs items; volunteering with Imagine LA is an opportunity to do more. Imagine LA is a long-term solution to helping to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty and neglect.  Whether you decide to mentor or volunteer in another way, you too can be part of the solution. 


Organizations and individual volunteers are vital to our life-changing work. We are dedicated to providing you with meaningful, high impact volunteer and team building opportunities that:

There are several ways to volunteer with Imagine LA:

Form a Mentor Team

Imagine LA is a non-profit in the business of mobilizing the community to come together to end family homelessness, poverty and neglect.  Imagine LA's innovative Family Empowerment & Mentorship model utilizes intensive family case management and super charges it with mentorship and access to private and public resources. We match and guide teams of trained volunteers to work with a families emerging from homelessness or at severe risk of homelessness to maintain their housing, to attain self-sufficiency and to ensure that every family member thrives. 

  • Create a team of 3-10 volunteer mentors (1-2 year commitment)
  • Receive training and guidance by experienced Imagine LA staff in walking/working alongside the Family as they transition to self-sufficiency
  • Receive detailed impact reports regarding your Imagine LA Family to share with your community
  • Contribute towards covering the cost of the Family Empowerment & Mentorship Program
  • Be recognized as an amazing Mentor Team in Imagine LA communications

Become a Mentor

Imagine LA matches every family member with a one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career development, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Week-by-week family members build relationships, skills and habits. Month-by-month we see confidence build, income, grades, and wellness rise. Ultimately, the family’s journey goes from barely surviving to thriving. 

There are several ways to be involved with a family:

  • Team Liaison – (1-2 year commitment, minimum 1 hour weekly)
  • Budget Mentor – (1-2 year commitment, 2-3 hours biweekly at first, then once a month)
  • One-on-One – (1-2 year commitment, 1-2 hours weekly, meet with mentee consistently biweekly in person)
  • Tutor – (Minimum 3 months or up to program duration, once a week)
  • Health/Nutrition Mentor – (minimum 3 months or up to program duration, as needed)

Provide Summer Internships

The Imagine LA Summer Internship Program is designed to empower youth from our Families, ages 15-23. The program partners with local
businesses to help provide these youth and their employers with a guided, mutually beneficial, real world experience. Summer internships are a
great way for interns to explore careers, build new skills, earn money and gain an understanding of the daily operations of a business – something to which they may have had little-to-no prior exposure. Past internships have been in fields such as law, public relations, fashion, art, and business. 

  • Provide a 4-8 week paid summer internship to an Imagine LA Family youth 
  • 20-40 hours per week at minimum wage or higher.
  • Imagine LA staff guides a youth throughout the process

If your business is interested in providing a summer internship to an Imagine LA
youth, please contact Rachel Feldstein at or 323.944.0215.

Host a Family Fun Event

You can make a difference for our families when you host a Family Fun Event!  Businesses, clubs, organizations and individuals can host an event that benefits our families - whether it is a BBQ, outing to a family fun location, and/or a fundraiser event to benefit Imagine LA programs. 

Share your Skills/Resources

  • Teach skills classes for Imagine LA Families such as cooking, knitting or resume prep
  • Provide pro bono services (mechanical, dental, legal services)

Join Change Agents

Imagine LA’s Change Agents are a group of young professionals and enthusiasts who are engaged in making change in their community. This group plays a role in Imagine LA’s efforts to help end the cycle of family homelessness
and poverty in Los Angeles by spreading awareness to other young professionals through quarterly mixers and monthly meetings, as well as hands-on volunteering and fundraising.

Annual membership costs $25. Leaders meet monthly, and Change Agent mixers are held every few months.

For more information or to sign up, email