Imagine LA is dedicated to helping Families permanently break free from the cycle of homelessness while working with volunteers and building community. Our Family Mentorship Program matches each Family with its own team of Mentors, dedicated to helping all Family members thrive. 

Families may be candidates for the Family Mentorship Program if they have recently moved into or identified permanent housing, are vulnerable to return to homelessness, and are ready to be full and active participants in the program. They need to be willing to receive guidance as well as be open about their finances and any personal challenges, like addiction.

The Family Mentorship Program

The problem is daunting

Los Angeles is the homeless capital of our country with thousands of families homeless on any given night. 

Kids struggle to stay in school. 

Parents, including veterans, wrestle with recovery, violence and unemployment. 

The cycle of chronic poverty places dreams out of reach.


But we imagined a solution

Today, kids are excelling in school, parents are on career tracks and everyone remains in stable housing. 

Through our innovative Family Mentorship Program, Families are finding the support, guidance, and opportunities they need to ensure that every Family member thrives. 


One Team. One Family. A Lifetime of Change. 

Our innovative Family Mentorship Program matches each dedicated volunteer team with a Family, working directly with the Family for 1-2 years. 

The Team and Family walk together on a journey out of chronic poverty to a place of permanent housing, self-sufficiency, confidence and wellness — where every member of the Family is thriving.  

Imagine LA Families have experienced homelessness. Some are veteran families. They have all been in a shelter or temporary housing and are in the process of moving into their own housing. 

Their caseworkers from transitional shelters have referred them to Imagine LA because they are vulnerable to repeat homelessness, and they are open to our mentorship model. Imagine LA then screens and trains each Family to make sure they are appropriate, safe, communicative, eager and ready to be matched with a mentor team.  

For families escaping the cycle of poverty, a mentor like you can make the difference between surviving and thriving. For formerly homeless families who are just getting their own roof over their heads, the support of a team of mentors might be what takes them from just being housed…to truly being home.