The Family Mentorship Team

Each team consists of 5-10 people. There are many different roles, large and small, depending on a family’s size and needs.  

Most roles do not require any prior skills, just lots of enthusiasm, kindness, an open mind, consistency and a can-do attitude. The core roles will last throughout the program, while there may also be a few shorter-term opportunities. Imagine LA staff trains and guides your team every step of the way.  

The rest of your organization or company can be engaged too. There are numerous occasions the team will reach out to seek specific help or resources for the Family — so even those who aren’t mentors will have opportunities to be involved.

Your Journey

The Family Mentorship Program lasts 1-2 years, though the relationships often continue on into the future. 

We divide the journey into 3 phases. In the first, volunteers get trained, adopt their roles, and engage with the Family once a match is made. The 2nd encompasses the ongoing work as the Team and Family pursue their specific goals. After the formal match ends, the 3rd phase begins and the relationship continues. 

Of course, every Team and Family’s experience is different. There will be surprises along the way. That’s why Imagine LA’s experienced staff will be with you every step of the way.