“I was really struggling, bouncing around from place to place. I had no friends. I was hanging out with all the wrong people. Worst of all? I didn’t care about myself.”

At seven years old, Sarah was removed from her family and placed in the foster care system. Her relationship with her adoptive mother, as she put it, was “horrible.” At 18, her mother threw her out and she moved to Los Angeles.

With no resources or contacts, she fell into an alcohol-fueled depression, drinking to forget. “I wanted it all to end so badly,” she recalls. “I desperately wanted out of this life and hoped every day that God would grant my wish. And alcohol didn’t judge me.”

“I believe that Imagine LA was God's way of saying ‘You're okay now.’ For that, I am blessed beyond belief.”

At an all-time low, she found herself alone and pregnant by a man who had promised love but disappeared quickly. A homeless services organization placed her in housing and told her about a program to mentor families making the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. It was Imagine LA. 

Through Imagine LA’s program, Sarah didn’t only get support. She got—in her words—“unconditional love.” Her team of volunteer mentors invited her into their community, taking her grocery shopping and teaching her how to plan a budget. “I had so many responsibilities I did not know what to do or how to navigate, and my team guided me through it all. My team helped me find and feel comfortable with putting my son in childcare, as well as helping me through the process of finding doctors and dentists.”
Today, Sarah has a full-time job and has purchased her own car. 

“My path was not easy,” said Sarah. “I went from wanting to end it all to being blessed with the smartest, most handsome little boy I've ever seen. I'm still discovering who I am and I’m so thankful that I have mentors who are willing to take this journey of discovery with me. 

“I believe that Imagine LA was God's way of saying ‘You're okay now.’ For that, I am blessed beyond belief.”