Capital Campaign a Success! $100,000 Raised

At the beginning of 2016, Imagine LA received a $25,000 matching grant from the Weingart Foundation, a longtime funder and supporter, to be used to establish a Board-designated cash reserve to ensure the long-term viability of our organization through the inevitable cash flow swings.  Two of our Board members, Chair Dana Kiesel and Treasurer David Goodenough, took the lead on not only meeting the match, but challenging the staff and other Board members to establish a fundraising goal of $100,000 for this important purpose.

Imagine LA was able to meet the goal with resounding success!  We are overwhelmed and extremely thankful for the generosity of our supporters and friends who helped us meet this very special goal to ensure the viability and future of our organization. 

Just this year we worked with our 100th family and thanks to this solid footing we will be able to serve hundreds more!

Thank you to our amazing and generous partners of this Capital Campaign:

Leadership Circle
Borick Foundation
David & Jenny Goodenough
Dana & Paul Kiesel
The Johnny Carson Foundation
Karin L. Larson
Weingart Foundation

Brett Bartman
Alison Blakely
Stephanie Bolling
Barbara Bouza
Kathleen Briscoe
William Calvert
Elizabeth Campbell
Wrenn & Bill Chais
Dennis Chester
Craig Chiate
Mark Clary
Joseph Collins
Janine Coronado
Justin Demko
Mark Drop
K. Evan Friedman
Andy Goodman and Carolyn Ramsay
Barry Greenberg
Stanley Joan Abrams
Michael and Hilary Kanigher
Josh Kiesel
Audree Kiesel
Lauren Kiesel
Kim King
David & Carorl Kulber
Lehroff & Associates
Todd Lociecero
Sandra Marine
Joni Martino
Laura Martino
Eric Miller
Alexandra Nuttall-Smith
Sharon and Jim O’Brien
Phillip Oppenheimer
James Owens
Mary Rose Patejak
Barbara Raho
Chris Ramsay
Barry Rosenbloom
Rich & Alison Schneider
Steven Sloan
Theodore Stein
Robert Tamkin
The Phillips Family Charitable Fund
Mark Tunney
Robert and Joan Young
Linda Zabludovsky
David Zabludovsky