Mayor Garcetti and Supervisor Kuehl Endorse Imagine LA

Happy not-so-lazy days of summer! We have lots of good news to share:

  • On June 15, Mayor Garcetti publicly recognized Imagine LA as a top volunteer opportunity in our city -- one of a few making a difference in the homelessness crisis. We’re now a member of the Mayor’s Office of Volunteer Engagement's (MOVE) Nonprofit Council.
  • Supervisor Kuehl awarded us $60,000 to bring our Family Empowerment & Mentorship model to the San Fernando Valley in partnership with LA Family Housing.
  • We signed an MOU with HACOLA (Housing Authority of the County of LA) to work directly with their families in South LA.
  • We secured funds from the Emergency Food Shelter Program and were awarded grants from five prestigious foundations: Green, Cedars-Sinai, Johnny Carson, MUFB/Union Bank and Lawrence Welk Family Foundation. According to the LWF president, they awarded us double what we requested because “...we had a bit more to share and our board elected to augment this donation. This is a very rare occurrence!”

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