The Family Empowerment & Mentorship Program

Imagine LA is dedicated to helping families permanently break free from the cycle of homelessness while working with volunteers and building community. 

The Imagine LA Family Empowerment & Mentorship Program utilizes intensive family case management and super charges it with mentorship and access to private and public resources.  

We match every vulnerable family with a teams of trained volunteers.  We guide each Family Mentor Team to work with a family emerging from homelessness or at severe risk of homelessness (e.g. emancipating foster youth with children of their own) to maintain their housing, to attain self-sufficiency and to ensure that every family member thrives. We work with families within the Los Angeles area and the surrounding communities of Hollywood/Downtown, Inglewood, South LA, Pasadena, and the San Fernando Valley.

Every family member has a one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career development, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Week-by-week family members build relationships, skills and habits. Month-by-month we see confidence build, income, grades, and wellness rise. Ultimately, the family’s journey goes from barely surviving to thriving. 

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

For a one-to-two year commitment you can make a life changing difference for a family in need.  To learn about becoming a volunteer click here.

Interested in Referring a Family?

Are you a transitional housing shelter or have you been working with a family who would benefit from our program?  Please contact Briana Mandel at (323) 944-0210 ext. 1004.