Return on Investment

Investing in the Imagine LA Model produces a huge cost savings.

  • 100% of graduated families maintain housing - eliminating the cycle (and costs) of repeat homelessness. One episode of homelessness can the cost of family homelessness on society can range from $49,604 to $169,4311 per year (Berger Institute, 2013).

  • Families learn positive parenting skills and are able to provide stable homes, which reduces the likelihood (and costs) of a child being placed in foster care.  One child in foster care costs nearly $30,000 annually.

  • Families are able to increase their incomes.  More than half of Imagine LA families have increased their earned income by 162%!  For every increased earned dollar that decreases the amount of government subsidies families receive.

Imagine LA is able to leverage additional community resources, public and private in-kind support of approximately $35,000 per family in its program. 

A donation of $10,000 per family is a wise investment. Look how far your dollar will go in helping to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness and neglect.