Mentor Roles and Responsibilities


1-2 year commitment, minimum 1 hour weekly

  • Trusted member of the Program Partner Community; well-connected within the organization
  • Primary liaison between Imagine LA and the Program Partner
  • Responsible for ongoing recruitment of Mentor Team
  • Identify a team member to document the progress of Family and their relationship with the Mentor Team through photos, video and create a scrapbook for Family to be given at Commencement Ceremony
  • Coordinate and participate in meet and greet and quarterly Family/Team face-to-face gatherings
  • Maintain consistent communication with Imagine LA, and assist in quarterly Family milestone-setting
  • Participate in weekly team conference calls 


1-2 year commitment, 2-3 hours every other week at first, then once a month

  • Support Family in implementing a working budget and savings plan, utilizing Imagine LA’s simple budgeting techniques
  • Begin credit repair process
  • Maintain consistent communication with the Family and Imagine LA
  • Participate in weekly Team conference calls
  • Participate in quarterly Family/Team face-to-face gatherings
  • Comfortable with basic math and budgeting techniques


1-2 year commitment, 1-2 hours weekly

  • Traditional encouraging/ coaching
  • Meet with their Mentee consistently (biweekly in person)
  • Promote effective communication and act as a role model of positive leadership and guidance to Mentee, helping them define and achieve goals
  • Participate in weekly Team conference calls
  • Participate in quarterly Family/ Team face-to-face gatherings
  • For TAY families, a child development Mentor will provide parent with skills and access to resources needed to help in appropriate child (0-5) development 


Minimum 3 months, up to program duration, once a week

  • Provide skills training in areas needing improvement
  • Meet consistently with Mentee
  • Assist Mentee in improving study skills/habits and building confidence
  • Participate in weekly Team conference calls on a case-by-case basis


Minimum 3 months, up to program duration, as needed

  • Assist Family in accessing medical and dental care
  • Assist with grocery shopping, meal planning and meal preparation and encourage “family meal time”
  • Help the Family find appropriate and enjoyable exercise activities
  • Adhering to Family budget


Short-term, as needed examples (not a comprehensive list):

  • Move-in Teams
  • Transportation Team (on call for rides)
  • “Give The Parent A Break” Team (periodic play dates)
  • Provide or help in accessing resources (e.g., IEP advocate, career coaching, legal aide, car repair, etc.)