Family Mentorship Program

It could be a team of volunteers from your company. Your house of worship. Your service organization. It’s your heart and your talent, making a difference for an entire family. It’s the part of you that’s ready to be surprised by the strength in the people you mentor, together as a team – and the strength you find in yourself.

Meaningful Opportunities

Organizations and individual volunteers are vital to our life-changing work. We are dedicated to providing you with meaningful, high impact opportunities to get involved. 

Everyone Benefits

The Family Mentorship Program is a transformative experience for our Families and Mentors alike. Each person has a new perspective and meaningful relationships, feels a sense of accomplishment, personal growth and the power of team work. 

Imagine LA can help your organization: 

  • Align real action with your goals and mission 
  • Create measurable impact 
  • Build leadership and strengthen teams 

Your organization as a whole will receive bi-annual updates on the Family’s progress, in addition to regular sharing from your Mentor Team along the way. For your first training, you’ll need at least three volunteers ready to take on the core roles. But it is important to have an enthusiastic group ready to step up. 

If you have a few people, but not a whole team, Imagine LA is ready to help you recruit the rest of your team. 

If you don’t have a team but want to get involved, let us know. You can also contribute by sponsoring a family’s journey, providing an internship, hosting an event or sharing skills and resources. Just send us a quick message and let us know you want to be part of the change!